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A kickass pop-punk/punk rock band.
The argument between real fans and fakers. Fakers are generally teen girls. In reality, a real fan is anyone who has heard at least 3/4 of the Green Day albums.
Me- Hey
Faker- oMg HAv u heRd oF thIS nEw bANd cAlLeD GreENDaY??? BiLlY JoE is SoooO HaWt <3
Me- Yeah...I know Green Day...they've been around for like 20 years now...by the way it's "Billie Joe"...
Faker- rlY? ZOmg 21 GuNs iS dA bEstEsT sONg EvA!!! I <3 BiLLy JoE!!
Me- How about Walking Contradiction? At the Library? 2000 Light Years Away? Minority? Geek Stink Breath?
Faker- ??????
Me- ....
Faker- I <3 BiLlY jOE!!!
Me- Oh my fucking god...sigh...Billie Joe...
by ExHang February 25, 2010
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