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A saying similar to 'cool beans' only one step higher on the epic-ness scale.

So, if cool beans = good then spicy chicken = awesome!

The term spicy chicken can only be used on special occasions, e.g. graduation, weddings etc.
person 1: Dude! I just passed my exams!
person 2: Aww! Spicy Chicken!
by EvilWaffleS March 03, 2011
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To fullumber means to keep the passion alive in the bedroom if you are too tired to have sex when in a relationship. If you fullumber with someone you engage in the act to prepare yourself but never go any further.

When you fullumber with someone you are fullumbering.
Friend 1: What did you get up to last night?
Friend 2: ...We didn't have sex, we fullumbered.

Example 2: A couple comes out of a room, I bet they were fullumbering
by EvilWaffleS February 08, 2011
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