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a nigger love is an Insult for a white person who is in love with a nigger, Or a white person who loves niggers or thinks that niggers are great or cool. Or for a white person who thinks they are a nigger or wants to be a nigger these people are also known as a wiggers. or someone who only has sex with niggers, also known as acoal burner This insult can also be applied to non whites like mexicans who like niggers, IE Jennifer Lopez
She only dates niggers, what a nigger love! I heard that you are a nigger love. Eminem is the king of all nigger loves! that interracial gangbang whore in that porn is such a nigger love and is disgusting! That fat chick talks like she thinks she's black she must be a nigger love! Jennifer Lopez is a nigger love, she dated puff daddy, and other Niggers and also has such a huge Booty. A Female that is a nigger love is often overweight and has a huge rear end.
by Evil One February 29, 2012

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a used up hoe bag who's WAAYYY past HER prime!
"Hey K-Fed!"
"Yes Britney Spears?"
"Wanna have sex?"
"NO! You disgust me! I'd rather have sex with a dish rag!"
"Well, I may hate K-Fed, but at least he has some principles."
by evil one October 10, 2007

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