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noun- A large fighting force culled primarily from the ranks of your closest bros, is often wild, aggressive, and ready to do battle. The brolitia is usually assembled for an express purpose, and is fuelled by Natty Light, 40's, and weed. Summoned by the blowing of a conch.

Origin- A portmanteau of bro and militia
a) Bros, some creepy fag is following my girlfriend and her friends home from a houseparty...they may be in danger. Let's assemble the brolitia, kick the shit out of them, and then all her friends will bang you out of gratitude.

b) George Washington though the British were a bunch of dicks so he assembled a brolitia and drove them from the continent.

c) The Viet Cong could technically be a brolitia, because of the copious amounts of dank Thai weed they smoked. Al Qaeda, however, is not a brolitia because they don't smoke, drink, or get ANY pussy.
by Evander Brolyfield April 29, 2010

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