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1) A color somewhere between red and brown

2) A second rate University located roughly near Montgomery, Alabama. The University prides itself on attempting to look better than the University of Alabama, with no other goal anywhere in sight, including holding onto a all-time football record of NO National Championship wins, but by God, they've beaten Alabama 6 years in a row, even though Alabama still holds the record for 9 in a row.

The school itself is not a bad school, if you're interested in majoring in Tractor Production, Farming, or just want to have a good 'ol Hoe Down (Redneck for Party)
AuburnFan: That's six years in a row!
BamaFan: We still hold the series...
AuburnFan: Quit living in the past
UnbiasedParty: The past six years is part of the past.
by Ethanaro April 15, 2008

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