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A bunch of cunts and faggots who run around the mall with rats nests on their heads, spending their parent's money and pretending like their faggotry makes them unique.

All of them are misguided retards. Most of them act like pussies, but some of them try to act tough. Those who do are faggots, and wouldn't last a minute against a real man before they start crying, fall to their knees, and beg for mercy.

When they grow some balls and get a brain in their heads, they'll realize what faggots they were and wonder why they ever wanted to look like that. They'll also regret it, as everyone will remember them as being some giant, scene-jumping hipster piece of putrefying dogshit wet-pussy faggot.
Josh: Hey, look at that scene faggot walking out of the mall!

Mike: That kid's a pussy! Let's go mug him!
by Ethan666 May 24, 2010

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Another shitty pop group; three scene whores who make shitty music but get by with being moderately attractive. They have no fucking talent that a mentally-challenged eight year old doesn't have. They lip sync their "music," if you can call it that, during live performances and their way of dancing looks like they're having poorly timed seizures. And like any pop group, they're completely unoriginal and they don't play any real instruments, they just prance around on stage like a bunch of retards vomiting out lyrics on a boring, repetitive beat. They're even worse than Kesha, which I didn't think was possible until I heard them. At least Kesha *tries* to sing, even though she does a less than half-ass job.

They're attention whores with that filthy rats-nest hairstyle common among scene kids. They glamorize sluttiness and the fucking gay scene culture. Feminists hate them for turning women into nothing more than chunks of meat and destroying everything that women have fought to become through their blatant slutiness an materialism. Not only do they make no efforts to hide their sluttiness, but they're proud of it and they're adored for being arrogant and looking down on their fans. I don't believe in hitting girls, so I'm gonna beat the shit out of their boyfriends.
Fuck! The Millionaires got a record label and published their first album. There were more than enough scene fags running around the mall before the album came out!
by Ethan666 April 13, 2010

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