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Eternal Darkness is considered one of the greatest albums of all time. Eternal Darkness was made by rapper/singer clout boi sherm. eternal Darkness was drop on 10/1/2021. eternal darkness had 11 song on it. Eternal Darkness was clout boi sherm first album he ever drop. Clout boi sherm says Eternal Darkness is about the story of the cloutdemon. The cloutdemon is a different side of clout boi sherm one that lurk in darkness. The cloutdemon is the king of the eternal Darkness with his army of big titties goth girls. Clout Boi Sherm gave us Classic songs on the Eternal Darkness such as Waifu,what up slatt and yami.He had feature for KDT and Mozart. Clout boi sherm on 12/25/21 drop the deluxe to eternal Darkness. The deluxe had 7 tracks add.Eternal Darkness is a top 5 album of pure musical art.
by Eternal Darkness March 6, 2022
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