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When a girl participates in a sexual act which involves a cock in her mouth, a cock in her asshole, and a cock in her pussy all at once. Many females may find this degrading but I myself as a female find this act very satisfying. I feel my body, especially my pussy, was made for men to fuck, so the more the better. The act is especially satisfying if all men can manage to jizz in you simultaneously, so you can feel the jizz dripping into and pouring out of your cunt and asshole, and down your throat. Even more fun if a fourth friend joins in and can manage to fit his cock (two cocks) in your pussy as well. Can also mess around and insert different objects into the pussy and asshole while performing this act (i.e., beer bottles, cell phones, drumsticks, pencils, pens, dildos, hot dogs are all good ideas).
I love regular sex, but I'm really a kinky bitch who loves to be fucked in every fuckhole I have - triple penetration is the best. Being fucked in my pussy, asshole, and my mouth feels better than anything. The more cocks, the better. If a guy wants to invite his friends and have two cocks fuck your cunt, two cocks fuck your asshole, two cocks fuck your mouth, one cock fuck your tits, and then two cocks fucking your ear, let them! Seven is the most I've ever taken and it was pure heaven. Triple penetration is usually the most a beginner can take, though.
by ErinTheSexFiend October 16, 2008

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