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An online homework website created by a class of students at MIT. Mastering Physics is obviously for Physics homework. Encompassing basic Physics to upper division Physics.

Mastering Physics hates its students. They randomly want rounded answers, but then later want unrounded answers to be used in equations, and never stating that. They usually ask for 3 significant figures, but sometimes ask for 2, or dont give tell you.

They have a system that also accepts answers in terms of Variables, with subscripts and superscripts, which is quite tricky. also accepted are Greek alphabet characters.

Mastering Physics turns your fun Physics into agonizing something somethings
Chris: Oh shit, it asked for the answer to Part A rounded to 3 sig-figs, but later they wanted the answer to be un-rounded when used in the equation, so i got Part B wrong, and lost 5%

Eric: Fuck me, i got the hint wrong and it took away points, its not supposed to do that! MASON!!!!

Chris: Im going to leave them dirty comments and say i learned nothing because this question sucked so bad.

Chris,Eric: Mastering Physics sucks balls
by Eric and Chris October 28, 2008

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