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From the British point of view, an annoying distraction from the main task of beating Napoleon.

From the American point of view, time to fight back against the British policy of pressganging US citizens into the Royal Navy.

From the Canadian point of view, a War of Liberation against a piece of naked US aggression. The US believed it was their "manifest destiny" to control the whole of the North American continent (hence also the war against Mexico). This remained their dominant philosophy, well into the twentieth century and arguably they still haven't got it out of their system.
The continued existence of the Dominion of Canada proves that the US lost the War of 1812. The British had already revoked the pressganging policy a few days before hostilities began. If it wasn't for the absurd Louisiana campaign, no myth of victory, or even a draw, would have persisted.
by Eppsy November 09, 2004

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