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Contrary to popular belief, the word "akata" is not of Yoruba origin.
At least, the Yoruba meaning "white bitch" does not convey the meaning intended because "akata" was not introduced by Yorubas to describe black americans. How could they call both men and women "white bitch" when the subjects are all black? The answer is they did not call them that. More than a dozen african languages have the word "akata" but with diffirent meanings. So every language with that word can claim "akata" is its.
The Ibos introduced the word "akata," which means literarily "to become stronger, to be emancipated" to describe the black american attitude, experience, and character - "we used to be slaves, but now we are emancipated; we used to be weak, now we are stronger."
It is derogatory in a way because when the Ibos call them "akata" they say it to mean "that the black american has uncontainable, intimidating, or unpolished 'newly acquired strength.'"

That makes a lot of sense than calling them white bitch, whic they are not, because that is how we view the average black person.
IBO words:
Akata-lam ahu = My body is stronger;
Akata-lam ike = I am stronger;
Obu onye akata = he is an akata;
Akata ga egbu ibe = the peron with new strength will kill others;
Akata amagh otu ike ya ha; the person with power does not know their limit
by Emeka Oti November 28, 2007
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