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Houston, a rather Large town just outside Texas. It ain't IN Texas, only cuz there's Nothing Texas about it. Buncha Drugstore Cowboys live there (all hat, no cattle). And 2, maybe 3 Very coo people, who would (should) be in A-Town, only they either:
Be in H-Town fo dem Gentle Bens, or
Got no A-Game (hence they lack the coo to be in A-Town)
Baton Rouge Bill: Man, whatchu doin here in H-town ? You one sharp cat !
Ben's Best Bud: Ketchit, foo - I'm only here fo the year, cuz I knock down 43 by the hour here, n in A-Town they only droppin 21 on me. Whatchu think, yo ?

Ben's Best Bud: Billy, ain't no way you comin with this weekend. You need to lock down right here in H-Town.
Baton Rouge Billy: Aw, bitch ! Why u always gotta hurt like dat ?
by Ellio_Du April 11, 2006

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