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1."Oragon" is Bicol slang for somebody who is feisty, determined, principled, fighter, unafraid of consequences, and one who stands up for his principles.
2."Makaoorag" means an act that calls for someone to be angered and to act on retaliaton. Ex. Makaoorag talaga an mga wara inadalan.(Uneducated people make me mad. I feel like punching them.)
Galing mo, maorag ka talaga! (You are good.)
Sobrang galing mo, maoragon ka talaga! (You are the best.)
Orag-oragon ka kung ayaw mong paawat. (You can't be told once, you are hateful!)
Makaoorag ka, pasaway ka pirme.(I hate you, you never do good.)
I-orag-oragan ako sa mga pasale mo.(Your antics turn me off.)
Oragon talaga an mga Bicolano.(The Bicols are really feisty.)
by Ella Jamoralin May 08, 2006
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