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A part mystical creature that lives on the third floor of a hall at the UW. Fairly cute, but beware of her POOR HYGENE. Spreading diseases and the flu are its primary purpose. You can usually find her in the bathroom bipassing the sinks and slamming her doors.

To be rid of Jersey Trolls you must aquire a Mystical Troll Flute, which is used to expell the Jersey Troll from her cave.

The Jersey Troll is also commonly known for her phrase "riddle me this" of mystical spell casting. Beware.
Elfin L: Ew, I saw the Jersey Troll and she didn't wash her hands!
Elfin M: That's fucking disgusting, I saw her do it to, and when I was walking out the door she blocked me and asked me to solve her riddle!!
Elfin L: Did you use the Troll Flute?!
Elfin M: Hell yes I did!
by Elfin M & Elfin L January 20, 2009
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