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The word "Moronic" without the final letter "c".

"Moroni" originated from an obvious inside joke when Mormonism founder Joseph Smith mused that no one would ever 'C' (see) how MORONIc his teachings were. 'Mormons' (in Smith's mind: 'Mor-ons' with an added 'm' on the syllable, or 'Moron-Men' re-spelled using only one vowel) would encapsulate all who 'refuse to C (see), and unquestioningly follow Smith's/Moroni(c) teachings.'

Although other definitions included here follow official Mormon party line, the word "Moroni" came via Satanic revelation whilst Joseph Smith (JS) was formulating his false religion. The mere fact JS would name his patron messenger and subsequent religion "Moroni" and "Mormonism", respectively, is a testament to the contempt with which he held all men.
Un-Mormon:"Look at Macaroni blow his horn!"
Mormon: (offended) "His name is Moroni, not Macaroni; and it's a trumpet, not a horn."
Un-Mormon: "Did you ever notice that if you were to "c" Moroni, he totally becomes 'Moronic'? Stop and "C" (see), friend!"
by ElderBishop December 15, 2010

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