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A tribe located mainly in Gold Coast. Originated in 2012.

If you have to ask someone that's in the Wollymamma tribe what it is you will most likely never be able to join, for your questions will remain unanswered.

Few are able to join the tribe for security reasons. If you argue with tribe elders you ought to look after yourself...and others around you.
Basic: hey, wots the Wollymamma tribe can i pls join??/
Elder: No, I'm afraid not sorry.
Basic: y not??? :(
Elder: Only a select few are aloud in, sorry.
Basic: woteva, u loza!!!

Elder: Salamanoo, debungo!
Basic: wtf
The next day "Basic" was found dead with a smiley face with 2 teeth carved into him
by Elder NoPants November 28, 2012
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