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Its when you have sex on a bar/counter/beerpong table ect. and there was random change laying around. When she gets up and theres pennies, dimes, quarters and nickels stuck to the fat of her back, its a nickel back
Did that girl just steal 34 cents from us?

Ya... but she didnt know she was doing it, she got nickelbacked

nickelback change stealing whore
by Eddie Mountain August 10, 2010
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Tap Sheets are used by socially inept scumbags to solve real world problems with fake military regiments.
I got drunk and screwed the company commanders girlfriend, and the next day I had a Tap Sheet for gross misconduct... I wonder what she got
by Eddie Mountain June 19, 2010
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Rejexting - Sending another person a hookup text and getting a solid no.
me- alright. can i be honest?
her- you want me? i know
me- hahah shut up loser. act like you dont want me
her- nope.

Dude, I was wasted Sexted jennifer to come over, she texted "im in bed with someone"
Talk about rejexting..
by Eddie Mountain June 09, 2010
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