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Wild musical ventures that have not succeeded.
Kanye West produces shitty music.
by EatableCrib December 29, 2016

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You say to your friends, "Ya'll wanna get air played?" and then when they answer you leave the room acting like you are getting something. Meanwhile, your accomplice turns on the apple tv. When you are out of the room, take your iPhone and turn on air play, connect, and turn "mirroring" ON. Go to your phones camera and place your finger over the camera lens while also in the act of pulling your pants down. Slowly remove your finger from the lens and next thing you know, everyone in the TV room is wondering why in the hell there is a penis on the tv screen. When they look around, they will see everyone has clothes on in the room and think their air play has been hacked.
Last night, Michael wanted to get air played, and in the end he thoroughly enjoyed his experience.
by EatableCrib September 09, 2014

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