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A word for someone who is and/or does the same thing that they accuse others of doing or being.

Most commonly found in dating, battle of the sexes, marriage, politics, parenting, divorce, high school and acts of jealousy.

An annoying form of insanity (because one would have to have a twisted view to be repeatedly hypocritical), stupidity and immaturity.
Annoying hypocrite "I had sex with this slut last night"
Non-hypocrite "Then are you not a slut too? And what if she like sex more than you but is just more sucessful? If you could nail every chick you would. Doesn't that make you also slut AND a bit of a loser?"
Annoying hypocrite "No, men are studs and allowed to have sex but if a woman does she is a slut"
Non-hypocrite "Then who are you supposed to have sex with if women are not allowed?"

Different Annoying hypocrite "That guy was a verbally abusive, good for nothing loser! I told him that last night"

Different Annoying hypocrite 2 "I dumped him because he was obsessed with breasts.. plus his penis was too small"
by Erinnnn April 20, 2008
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Originally meaning something thought to be true now proven false, it is now used as another way to say uncool or lame, but when self-proclaimed debunked, it is understood that you are the cool kind of loser. When someone is sexually debunked, they are very inexperienced and expected to remain that way for a long period of time.
Did you just trip over your own feet?
Eh, I'm debunked, that's just how I roll

That kid is such a nerd!
Yeah, he's so debunked he's never gonna get laid.
by ERINNNN January 26, 2007
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