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Quasi-whorehouse where men are sold cheap beverages at outrageous prices and are aroused by various well known methods, but are rarely allowed to consummate the sexual act they think will take place. The con relies upon the mark's gullibility in believing that if they buy enough drinks or put enough dollars in a garter, they'll accomplish their instinct-driven goal. A particularly cooperative mark is often led to a supposedly private residence. After a time (perhaps after multiple visits) the whore's husband bursts upon the scene and further shakes down the mark. The methods of clip joint operation are also the methods of clandestine operations. Owing to the duplication of method, clip joints are often the scene of complex undercover operations where agents frequently (mistakenly) entrap each other.
The clip joint known as the Longhorn Ballroom produced some interesting syncronicities, having been operated by Jack Ruby at one time, under the legal eye of Mister Mayer, whose clout with the legal system is the stuff of legend.
by EIS June 17, 2004
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