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(ray-pees) A disease contracted from getting raped by Bertha, the man/woman sheriff who sits and watches little boys and girls in hot tubs. His/Her tactics for injecting a little boy or girl with rapies includes hiding out in a cave in a swimming pool. He/She patiently waits until the so called little boy or girl enters the cave and then he/she strikes. Rapies is not curable. Side effects include long woman dreads and a nose piercing.
Dani: "Erin, I dare you to go into that cave?"
Erin: "No! I dont want to get attacked by Bertha!"
Jacqueline: "Who's Bertha?"
Dani: "The man/woman sheriff who gives you rapies!"
Jacqueline: "ahhh I heard that stuff is uncurable!"
Erin: "Sadly, It is. I was infected by Evan (the marine biologist) and I am slowly but surely growing long woman dreads and I woke up with a nose piercing yesterday morning."
by E. Coves April 04, 2011
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