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Adj. Narcissistically self-absorbed.
Kanye: We are both dragon energy.
Donald: Thank you. Very cool.
by DumpsterKeeper April 27, 2018
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n. The practice of preventing the entry of bad actors into a fandom. The bad actors’ intent is to damage intellectual properties by forcing the IP owner to change the lore, alter the gameplay, or otherwise decrease the enjoyment of the IP by long-time, heavily invested fans. These bad actors typically have no interest in the intellectual property and are not willing to spend time or money to support the IP, but have a loud voice on Twitter or other social media, fooling IP owner into thinking they have more clout than they do. They usually join the fandom for political reasons or to damage the public image of the fandom.
“I used to be against gatekeeping. Then I saw what happened to Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, the video game industry, Marvel, DC, Hollywood, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, the NBA, the NFL, and MLB. Gatekeep your fandom, my friends!”
by DumpsterKeeper October 15, 2020
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