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A short energetic ball of shite that loves talking absolute crap.
Commonly found passed out in the disabled toilets of chippers at 3am (Mostly Supermacs) or covered in vomit down an alley with a perverted rapist usually from the middle east under the name of Muhammad, the Derbhela is a fascinating breed. Spending time with a Derbhela can be misconceived as picking up a prostitute as this wild species is often only around men strictly to satisfy there sexual needs and her own unquenchable sexual thirst.
The popular term ''Pulling a Derbhela'' was believed to be coined when any woman would wake with one or more men after a night out completely naked in room covered in used condoms and empty bottles of alcohol without any recollection of what happened.
The nickname ''Derbhela'' can also be given to any person deemed as slutty or whorish. Most Derbhela's have there legs called book covers as they are joked to be that easy to open.
Girl 1 : Did you hear about my roommate
Girl 2 : Yeah, she woke up with those 2 guys from Bangladesh without any idea what happened.
Girl 1: I know, god, she is turning into such a Derbhela

Boy 1 : Would ya give her a go?
Boy 2 : Yep, ya'd get everything off her easily, shes a proper Derbhela
by DugTheDog January 07, 2012

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