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The year Donald Trump will finally lose his presidency
The racism and bigotry will finally end in 2020
by Dubiks February 04, 2019

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When a female clumsily plays with a mans ballsack in which she is unable to get him to ejaculate
Ashley is going to just fumble the bag with Devin since she is so bad at fucking
by Dubiks December 18, 2018

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In contrast to some of the other idiotic definitions. Toxic Masculinity is the societal expectation that males are suppose to represent "manhood" which can cause them to become violent, aggressive, manipulative, unsympathetic, and unemotional. This mentality causes a lot of males to subconsciously see women as sex objects to dominate over instead of having a mutual relationship, which can cause rapes to happen. Toxic Masculinity also forces males to not show any emotions including crying or asking for help. This is why males are almost twice as likely commit suicide than females, all because they were told to "suck it up" or "be a man" throughout their entire life.
Anybody who says that toxic masculinity doesn't exist is only supporting this destructive mindset and is too afraid to speak up about what's really going on. So please SPEAK UP!!!

(written by a male)
by Dubiks February 03, 2019

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