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A punishment used exclusivley by the IRA in which enemies or traitors of the IRA are shot with six bullets, Two bullets to the elbows, two bullets to the kneecaps, and two bullets to the ankles. This form of punishment can render the victim almost completley immobile for the rest of their lives
Instead of killing the bastard, they gave him the old IRA six pack. Now he can't walk or move his arms for the rest of his life
by DtredsterLIU May 25, 2007

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A paramilitary organization fighting against the English in Northern Ireland for almost 90 years. It is known as a terrorist organization, but members and supporters think of it as a liberation, freedom fighter organization. It is responsible for the bombings and deaths of many innocent towns and people, mainley the belfast area. Many people have harsh thoughts towards the IRA because they have killed many people. But remember that as far back as the 1600's, the English had been treating the Irish people like shit (Oliver Cromwell, for example), seeing them as the subhuman race, and over the course of almost 400 years of tyranny and oppresion, killed more Irish people than the IRA would ever dream of killing English people. So the Irish do have a reason to be pissed off.
Englands been fuckin' with us for more than 400 years, and the IRA has put its foot down to that
by DtredsterLIU May 26, 2007

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