2 definitions by Drusilla Williams

1.) A superlative given out by high schools to imply that you are or very soon will be gay.
2.) Title given to the most well known freaker of his or her class.
3.) A cursed title that causes all of its recipients to become gay for at least a short time after having recieved it.
4.) A popularity contest for people who aren't normally considered popular.
1.) Every recipient of the Most Unique superlative in Karns High School history has been rummored by the elitists of society to be gay.
2.) She sure was the most unique person I've ever met, what with her being all wierd and stuff.
3.) After having recieved the Most Unique superlative, Edgar began to wonder whether or not he was light in his loafers.
4.) After all the mistreatment she'd recieved, she felt quite proud to be called "Most Unique."
by Drusilla Williams January 10, 2006
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1.) A standard girl; an everygirl.
2.) Ashleys: A group of girls in a clique with similar personalities.
3.) A girl that is rather a lot like every other girl in her clique. A prep.
1.) She's just a regular Ashley.
2.) Don't look now, but here come the Ashleys again.
3.) Ashley and the Ashleys told me they didn't like my sweater.
by Drusilla Williams January 10, 2006
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