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A metaphor for the dark realisation that the attraction of women toward men primarily stems from genetic features that cannot be controlled (unless plastic surgery is applied), such as height and, more particularly, facial features. It opposed other logical frameworks such as Red Pill and Blue Pill, which claim that more modifiable factors such as social status and wealth or, respectively, personality/charisma are even more important sources of attraction for women. Black pill logic often goes as far as saying that only the top 10 or 20% of men have facial features necessary to truly be attractive to women and that being any less handsome will force you to a life of celibacy, or that any relationship you do get is at constant risk of termination since women will easily dump/cheat on you for a better looking mate the moment they encounter one and have the option.
Watching all these Black Pill videos on youtube makes me realise that I'm just a deformed, unattractive mess to women and that I'm absolutely powerless to change it.

These Black Pill videos are suicide fuel. Unless you're exceptionally handsome, then they're dream fuel.
by DrsJacksonn January 12, 2019
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