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The chairs located throughout a store where the unfortunate male who gets roped into shopping with a female companion ends up sitting. The hapless male usually ends up waiting for hours, and often while an important sporting event is on.
Yvonne: I'll be in the bra section.
Rachel: I'll be in the shoe department.
L: I'll be in the asshole chair, twiddling my thumbs and plotting how to get in your respective pants.
by Dr. Zoid Johnberg August 16, 2007
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Code for having an affair.

In the case of a Republican, more often than not it'll be a same-sex affair.
I hold a high-stress political job and my wife refuses to give head. I guess I'll have to go hiking the Appalachian when the current legislative session is over.
by Dr. Zoid Johnberg June 24, 2009
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