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A state of mind induced by psychedelic and deleriant drugs that is characterized by a total lack of logic and reason, difficulty or inability to communicate with others, and the complete loss of one's sense of reality. Other symptoms may include:
-gibberish or non-linear speech
-dizziness, disorientation
-racing and/or delusional thought
-visual and auditory delerium (seeing/hearing things that aren't there)
-throwing chairs and other large objects
-rolling around on the floor yelling about reptiles
-attempting suicide at the end of Jefferson Airplane songs
The term gonzo come from the works of a writer Hunter S. Thompson, who became famous for taking excessive amounts of drugs at some of the most important historical events of the twentieth century, and still having time to write up the newspaper report. He called this gonzo journalism, which is what the gonzo effect is derived from.
Dude, Billy had a the gonzo effect last night! He smashed a vase, broke down his front door, and tore up every piece of paper in the house. I guess that must have been some really strong acid
by Dr. Gonzo314 August 09, 2010

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