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noun - 1. prep school for the wicked smaaht and the hahdest teachers filled with 12 year olds all the way up to 20 year olds. Grade "A" hockey school that always beats salisbury. Pastels are common currency among the boys, if pastels are not available barter may be performed using porters and walkers "girls". Aspirando et persevererando which translates roughly to "when in doubt, beat one out" or in modern vernacular "if it don't fit in the hole, push harder"
2. "where the boys are boys and so are the girls"
B dizzle: ayo youngin
McCord: ahdaieandakeah
B dizzle:aholla son
McCord:aiamn aewa l;a dwi
Andre: give me the ball, yo!
Dean Jimmy "Napoleon" Detora: What the god damn hell god dammit god damn Andre God dammit

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