1 definition by Dr. Ragnorocktopus

When one is in a mood where they only care about shiny or mildly pretty things no matter how worthless(even trash), stealing, and (importantly) being mischievous in general.
Brad: "Yo, my girlfriend is acting like a magpie this week, like yesterday she went to the beach and she came back with like 10 pounds of shells, shiny rocks, bottle caps, and sea glass."
Kyle: "Almost sounds like she's in Goblin Mode."
Brad: "She's in total Goblin Mode; she keeps stealing my socks, pins from my collection, and hair ties. She also turned the cases of all my games upside, which is kinda funny, but also really annoying.
Kyle: "Stealing and mischief. I diagnose her with Goblin Mode."
by Dr. Ragnorocktopus February 22, 2022
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