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Applied to a person o expression someone makes, that is utterly stupid. Also applicable to people who open their mouths just to say irrelevant things. Ass kissers included.

In college also known as the girl that interrupts a teachers lecture to say something totally stupid trying to prove she knows more than the teacher but just really proving shes a cheap trick know-it-all wannabe. This particular specimen does not learn form previous experience so ungracefully the stupidity is recurrent.
#1 Professor: Some students don't like my strictness with punctuality.

Oh Honey!: That's how I like it teach' (aloud)

#2 The teacher is reviewing the exam and Oh Honey! turns off the Air Conditioning in the entire classroom.

Classmate: Why did you turn off the A/C its like 100 degrees in here

Oh Honey!: Because I cant here him

Classmate: then move form under it.

Oh Honey!: its hot over there.
by Dr. Doe November 10, 2011

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