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Cedar Rapids is the 2nd largest city in Iowa with a population in the metropolitan area of over 250,000 people.
It is home to the headquarters of Rockwell Collins and is also known as the cereal capitol of the world due to Quaker Oats, General Mills and Post all having their main factories in Cedar Rapids. Ralston Foods is also located in Cedar Rapids. Due to all the cereal and dog food made in Cedar Rapids, it has many different scents on different days of the week. Some days you smell Captain Crunch, other days what smells like wet dog food.

It is known as the City of 5 Seasons. Some joke that it is the city of 5 Smells.
Cedar Rapids is the cereal capitol of the world, man!

"Hey man, do you want to go to Cedar Rapids the City of 5 Smells?"

Wow, it smells like Crunch Berries out here.
No duh man. It's Cedar Rapids.

by Dr Bob Sakr April 19, 2009
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