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Rolling On Floor Laughing my Mother Fucking Ass Off Bar B Que National Aeronautics and Space Administration Federal Bureau of Investigation

"ROFL" is way to short of an acronym to properly describe the immensity of the laughing. Attachment of any number of recognizable acronyms (such as FBI, NASA, BBQ, etc.) after "ROFL" indicates extreme laughing power.
ZOMG! that's freakin hilarious! ROFLMFAOBBQNASAFBI ~!
by Double X September 22, 2008
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That little bit of shit just inside the outer rim of the asshole. Only seen when the anus is relaxed.
John: So... I was 69 with Marissa on top of me.

Steve: Okay...

John: And I was grabbing her asscheeks and spreading them as I made lunch of her naughty bits, right?

Steve: Yeah?

John: Jeepus Cripes! I got wet paint on my nose!
by Double X September 22, 2008
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