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A Katie is, well, I can't really tell you what a Katie is. No one really knows. All i know is that shes' a brilliant lass, She's intelligent beyond all belief, she knows things that you cant wrap your head around yet. Shes loving, she cares about anything. You could tell her about your day, and she'd listen to every word and not forget it, then later on when you make a joke, she'll bring up something you said earlier making you go "oh snap, how did you remember that?". Oh, did i mention that she is incredibly beautiful, her beauty shines both on the outside and the inside. When she smiles, it makes even the rainiest of days go away. She's a girl that you have to work hard for, she doesn't open up to everyone, but when she does, you can truly see how magical, wondrous, and wise she is. She always tells the truth, and she's easy to trust, you can tell her anything. She is honestly the most amazing girl that you can come across. If you ever find a girl that fits this description, don't mistreat her, she's a gem, treat her like one. Don't ever pass up the opportunity to meet a girl like this, you'll be missing a very important part of your life.

Word of warning: She can also read your mind so be careful
Brett: Katie's lying on the floor upstairs.
Me: Just leave her, it's Katie.
by Dope_Rush666 April 22, 2013

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