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A large outdoor party, or rave, usually consisting of thousands of people, and held in remote locations, such as forest clearings, down deserted roads, high in the hills, and on peoples properties out of town.

Good Doof's consist of a huge soundsystem, upwards of 10k (10000 watts), a line-up of great DJs and a crowd of positively minded people who are there for a good time.

The music played at Doof's is usually trance, psy trance or goa trance, but sometimes techno, electro and house. The music usually start at 12am (mid night) and continue into the early hours of the morning as the sets get better and only the true doofers are left.

Doofs draw a large, multicultural crowd depending on they're location and not just feral hippies from the hills like in the late 80s. Doofs today consist of major party hard kinda crowds that will travel hours for a good party, as finding a location with few or no neighbours in very hard, and a 10k soundsystem can usually be heard for from miles away, esp. when the party is in a high up location.

In recent years the Doof culture has grown and festivals have popped up all around the world celebrating electronic and organic trance.

verb doofing
To go Doofing

ORIGIN Australian Street English (Slang)
Dylan: Hey mate what's going on this weekend?

Pete: Well me an a few guys are heading out to that doof down at New Italy, its gonne be huge.

Dylan: Isn't New Italy like 2 hours south?

Pete: Yeah, but its all for a good party, every ones chippin in for petty and a gold coin donation at the gate.

Dylan: Sounds good, I might try an get there.
by Doof Unit January 22, 2007

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