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The person who wrote the definition above this should probably think about going to COLLEGE him/herself. Can you spell?

Some who join the military do act this way, and expect something from everyone because they are in the service. However, the majority of service members are proud to defend their country and do not suffer from MIC. In all actuality, many civilians suffer from MIC, harboring feelings of jealousy and anger towards those who are in the military. These feelings commonly stem from the fact that they themselves are not happy with their own life and feel it necessary to bash those who protect them. Those civilians with MIC become more vocal during times of war, which shows how unappreciative and silly many people can be.
Disgruntled worker at establishment that gives military discount: "Why do people in the military get a discount? They expect a discount on everything. They all have Military Inferiority Complex (MIC)!"
by Don'tBeSoStupid April 09, 2010

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