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Refers to traveling out of your way to intentionally come into contact with gorgeous members of the opposite sex.

Can be done by foot, but is preferably done in an expensive and flashy vehicle. The path traveled usually takes one by a certain locale where said hotties are known to congregate. Can also refer to following a particularly sexy person for a short time, or dawdling near them.
Guy 1: "Hey man, sorry I'm late. I ran a hot route in my bother's new car on the way over here."

Guy 2: "No problem dude. See any fine looking women?"

Guy 1: "Hell yeah! Got some numbers too."
by don't be that guy September 28, 2009

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Not having full access to all of the internet.

The term used to describe having only partial access to the internet in places like China and elsewhere due to blocking of sites deemed to be subversive.
Since I'm hooked up to the Internot, I couldn't write on Lo Fat's facebook wall today.
by Don't Be That Guy October 22, 2009

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Having a ridiculous amount of shiny chromed bling of an exceedingly flashy nature.
I was on vacation in the United Arab Emirates last week and saw one of the new Lamborghinis all Dubai'd out.
by don't be that guy November 15, 2009

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