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A very quiet and shy girl until you really get to know her. She's fun to be around when your sad. She's the type of person to try to help you as much as she can. She is the funniest girl to be with. When in relationships they dont takes it seriously. She is always there to listen when you need to complain. She's kind and sweet as long as your not on her bad side. She tells you what you really want to hear. They're very chill and avoid conflict.
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the new wave of punk rock music.

usually have perfect mohawks, perfect patches, money, and shit like that...

real street punks live on the street.

most of them look the same, actually all of them do...

hardcore punk is the real punk that people should look into.

fuck oi, fuck street punk. HXC PUNK IS REAL!
the casualties, agressive bastards, revolt and destroy... oh im sorry i mean... revolt and destr"OI", typical street punk
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