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Thicc or sexually appealing anime females who probably have mountains of hentai and doujins drawn of them and who's tiddies are especially appealing to look at.
Weeb 1: Damn dude you see those anime bitches on the show that aired last night?
Weeb 2: hell yeah, the blonde one had some big ass tiddies.
Weeb 3: you guys like anime girls? *Scoff* get a life.
Weeb 1 and Weeb 2: ANIME BITCHES ARE LIFE!!!
by Don't pre order July 11, 2018
A person who posts or says things (usually in reaction to something they know nothing about) in an attempt to seem smart and decides whether they were correct based on the consensus of people around them.
Guy: holy shit social media is full of schrödinger’s smartasses.

Bruh: what do you mean?

Rando nigga: people who try to be smart but only keep saying shit if people agree with them, bunch of pussies really.
Guy: yeah, what he said.
by Don't pre order April 4, 2020