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Someone who embeds themselves in the hype of an upcoming film, movie, video game, etc, so much so that disappointment over the finished product is inevitable. They over-analyse the thing in question and complain and rant about various petty aspects of it, mostly on internet forums. This, of course, is completely different to the average person, who would simply enjoy it for what it is.
"The new Pirates of the Caribbean film completely, utterly sucked. They should have elaborated on Lord Beckett's character and Tia Dalma didn't get enough screentime. Therefore, it sucked."

Typical hypist: he complains about petty things, such as the minor characters listed above, completely ignoring Johnny Depp's performance as Jack Sparrow and all the work that went into what people generally consider to be, at least, a decent action movie. He was obviously expecting too much from the film, and is most likely a hypist.
by Dom B March 31, 2007
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