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Man who sweet-talks his way into your life and bed, gets you pregnant, and then reveals all his shitty baggage while you're pregnant. Man with multiple babymamas, and while he's swearing he'll be there for you, he never sees his kids...and you wonder why.
A deadbeat baby daddy is a man who gets a woman pregnant but after the child is born, doesn't see the need to help out with what he helped create. A man who sleeps while you're up with the crying child at night. A man who will spend your last dime on alcohol when he knows that the baby needs diapers. A man who puts his hands on you one night so you have to flee your own home with the child in tow, but then blows up your phone with text messages about how he wants to talk and how he loves and misses you. Um, how about just being a man and changing your life?
by DoingMe2010 November 06, 2010
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