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The name given to a massage for females concluding with a "happy ending."
"I thought I was going in for a Swedish massage, but it turns out it was an Egyptian massage. Now I am really relaxed and all I want to do is cuddle!"

"Hey Aimee, how was the massage?"
"It was great! I paid a bit extra and upgraded to the Egyptian massage and the last 10 minutes were worth every penny!"
by Doctor Drey May 30, 2014
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Heavy. Deep. Real.

Describing an emotional conversation where the participants pour their hearts out to each other.
"Hey man, where have you been?"
"Sorry, I just got real HDR with Emily; she wants us to be exclusive but I'm terrified of commitment."

"What's wrong buddy?"
"My doctor told me I have AIDS and so I had to get HDR with Emily to let her know."
by Doctor Drey January 07, 2014
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