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The work that is given to you after many laborous and tormenting hours at a place where the work should originally be done called "school". Such work is given for three reasons: "to keep kids off drugs", to desensitize children and get them used to doing things they really don't want to do, to do the teaching that the people paid to do it in the first place can't or refuse to actually do.
Everyone loves a good homework assignment, don't they?
by Docta J September 26, 2005

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To smoke weed. As in Mary Jane, as in trees, as in grass, as in green.
From Sean Paul's "We Be Burnin":
Everyday, we be burnin not concernin what nobody wanna say
We be earnin dollars turning cau we mind deh pon we pay
some got gold and oil and diamonds all we got is mary j
legalize it, time to recgonize it
by Docta J October 19, 2005

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