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a style of music that is very misunderstood by many people, sort of like....almost everybody on this site
There are many different kinds of metal, not just the pussy make-up, high heels and shitty cheesy lyrics glam rock or hair metal or whatever you want to call it. Real heavy metal is like Metallica, Megadeth, no makeup, no hairspray, just bandmembers kicking ass. Bands who create this kind of metal are extrememly talented. Metallica has sweet complex guitar riffs and solos that can be very fast, or very nice and melodic and also some of the best lyrics around, out of just about every genre. Don't stereo type metal as bullshit Def Lepard or Motley Crue
Just avoid Rap all together, i don't even want to start on that crap
by Dobes June 07, 2005

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