1 definition by DixonButts

/ dik • sŭk • ə-sôr /

1. N. A shit actor without depth; lacking the ability to convey emotion through cinema.

2. N. A anchor for Hollywood. When used it has the ability to make any movie instantaneously turn to garbage. Much like nautical anchor for a ship where the ship is represented by any major motion picture.

3. N. A hot steamy deuce.
1. "He could always be worse, he could end up being a another Shia LeBouf."

2. "Their movie is going to be way too good, we need to Shia Lebouf it before they monopolize the business."

3. "My stomach is rumbling, I need to go drop a wicked Shia LeBouf"
by DixonButts July 12, 2020
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