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parejas is the Spanish word for couples.

It is widely used in Spain to denote couples who are swingers.

Parejas Espana are spanish swinging couples

Intercambio de parejas - a place for couples to meet
by Dirty David July 03, 2006
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Bareback swingers are people who indulge in recreational sex swinging without the use of a condom.

The term bareback originates from the gay scene where the use of the term bareback sex was/is slang for sex without a condom.
Couple want to meet other couples for bareback sex.

Bareback swingers enjoy the feeling of sex without a condom.
by Dirty David July 03, 2006
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When two men are engaged in the act of docking, then proceed to tit fuck a woman.
This chick was a TOTAL slut, she even let Kelly and me Two-Man Saw her.
by Dirty David May 10, 2019
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