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The act of whitening one's dark, ugly, ring around the anus. Method used for a more violent method of anal
Step 1: Fill washing machine with bleach
Step 2: Shove ass in washing machine
Step 3: Protect other private areas to prevent spotting
Step 4: Turn "spin cycle" on high (for best results)
Step 5: Drip dry until damp
Step 6: Blow dry excess moisture



- Gel bleach is preffered for extra lubrication and a more precise bleaching
- If you use generic bleach and have issues, just simply SHOUT IT OUT!
- Febreeze anus if bleach smell is overwheling or hindering your chances of getting some action

Side Effects:
- Bruising (due to the washing machine now up your ass)
- Un-fuckableness if done wrong
- Could abort a pregnancy if bleach is inserted in wrong hole. (Remember, this is an anal procedure)
- This can be a dangerous sport for anyonewith Anal Obsessive Disorder (AOD)

- You are officially a Fucktard if you attempted this mission

*Contact your doctor or mother, whichever one gives better advice, before attempting anal bleaching
by Dinkky September 9, 2010
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