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The self-proclaimed "Number one Nigger in America". Mr. Jones has a website and several videos on YouTube in which he engages in all manner of criminal mischief and "kickin' it". Known for his famous line "LANSD - Like a Nigga say do", he is a shaman of sorts for anyone interested in making a quick (illegal) buck.

Jiggaboo has a particular affinity for thefts, and inside jobs that involve tipoffs from employees or use of technology (such as computer swipe-cards, GPS systems, etc.). He is well versed in technology, weaponry, and booze (Primarily Olde English and Hennesy).

Above all, he treasures life and he lives it to the fullest...if only the "man" would ease up.
"How'd you come in to all that cash?"

"Awww man, Jiggaboo Jones showed me how to make money from illegal immigrants"

"Aww hell yeah, LIKE A NIGGA SAY DO!"
by Dillinger123 September 16, 2006
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