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A named used in Counter Strike, or any other situation in life, to describe someone completely hopeless. No abilities whatsoever are possessed by this individual. They are the avatars of incompetence and the messiahs of moronic behavior.
"Okay... he ran around the map for 30 minutes before falling to his death. One may call this person a Jimmy No Skills"

"Hey, Jimmy No Skills! Get me a bagel, and give it wings before I sew your ass to your face!"
by Digital Messiah February 01, 2004
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Someone with such exceptional skills at computer games that they are considered a professional, competes in tournaments for great sums of money, and may represent his/her country in some sort of Multiplayer Olympics. Athlete is used in its broadest possible term here, as they are not known for their physical strength or ability. May possibly be referred to in the near future as "CyberAthl33t".
"That guy is a athlete? Are you sure, he looks like a nerd, only somehow even geekier!?"

"Yes, I am an athlete. I play games, which somehow counts as a sport and physical recreation, even thought the most exercise I get is opening soft drinks and periodically scratching my ass."

Nerd: My hero!
Normal Person: Since when is Counter Strike a sport?
Professional Athlete: Cyber what?
by Digital Messiah August 22, 2003
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